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Discipline Policy

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable recreation experience for everyone, we have established a discipline policy and procedure for campers to follow at during all recreation programs.

The discipline procedure will be followed when a child is misbehaving (i.e. not following directions, exhibiting profanity, being disrespectful to peers or recreation staff, jeopardizing the safety of others or self, and/or using threatening or bullying behavior ).

Phase 1: A verbal reprimand or ‘cue’ will be given by the staff member to re-direct the child to a more appropriate form of behavior.

Phase 2: The child, under staff supervision, will be removed from the group for a few minutes and will re-join the group then the staff person has determined that they can do so without further disruption.

Phase 3: Should the behavior not change, the Recreation Director will be notified, and the incident will be documented. The parent will have to sign the incident report upon activity pick-up. A copy of this report can be mailed to the parent if requested.

Phase 4: If a problem persists, parents will be notified and the child will be advised to take a day, or more, away from the program and can possibly be suspended from the program. When possible, we will work with the parent to develop a system of discipline that will work for the child.

**The above procedure will be used when there is a gradual progression of inappropriate behavior. In extreme cases, the Buxton Recreation Department reserves the right to establish an appropriate consequence immediately. No refund will be given should your child be removed from the program for any period of time due to disciplinary reasons.